Survey Highlights - Penzance-St Mary's 26/06/2024


After a quiet start to their trip, the team of three Marine Mammal Surveyors on board the Scillonian for last week’s survey from Penzance-St Mary’s had some fantastic sightings of dolphins and even a sunfish.

Despite some changeable weather conditions to contend with, the team recorded both common and Risso’s dolphins, with seven sightings of 16 animals in total. Two incidental sightings and a sunfish were also recorded, which was incredibly exciting for the Captain of the Scillonian - his first sunfish sighting in five years!

Manx shearwater

A big thank you to the team for their hard work, dedication, and for providing these lovely photos.

Applications for ORCA surveys on the Penzance-St Mary's route have now closed for the remainder of 2024 and we will be working on putting teams together for surveys taking place in September, October and November over the next few weeks.