Donate to help ORCA

Thank you to all of those who have generously donated in the past for helping us to protect whales, dolphins and porpoises in our seas. Every donation, whether large or small, makes a huge difference to our work.

Donate to ORCA

Supporting ORCA doesn’t only mean becoming a member or volunteering as an OceanWatcher...

Much of our support comes through single donations that are an essential part of funding our work.

By giving a donation, you can help ORCA to continue to survey in the UK and around the world, to run our programmes at sea and to continue to work with government and industry to make sure whales and dolphins have a voice.

How will your donations be spent?


If 7 people donate £10, we can  produce educational materials to inspire the public about cetaceans


If 22 people donate £10, we can put a team of four volunteers on a ferry survey to collect vital data about whales and dolphins

Ocean Conservationist

If 54 people donate £10, we can employ an Ocean Conservationist for a month, to inspire guests and collect data at sea


If 107 people donate £10, we can buy a set of equipment to collect scientific data for an entire survey route

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