Corporate Engagement

ORCA believes that everyone who cares about whales and dolphins can take an active role in safeguarding their future, and that applies just as much to industry as it does to individuals.

We’ve been working with the shipping industry for more than 20 years, helping them to better understand their impact on the ocean and highlighting ways we can work together to create safer environments for whales and dolphins around the world.

Every company is different, so the programmes we run with our partners are all unique. With some, we work together to develop training programmes, teaching bridge crews and shore teams about how to reduce the risk of ship strike and plan their sailings through whale hotspots.

With others, we focus on planning and developing frameworks to embed whale and dolphin conservation into all areas of a vessel’s operations. This can feed into itinerary and route planning, but it can also include crew-led data collection onboard so ships can directly contribute to our scientific research.

Add to this programmes covering responsible whale watching, Marine Mammal Observers and plenty more besides, and it’s clear there are opportunities for companies of all types to contribute to protecting the marine environment.

Our track record with the shipping industry has helped companies of all different types to contribute to whale and dolphin conservation, so get in touch today to talk to us about some of the ways we can work together.

Ship strike training

ORCA have developed innovative training programmes to educate seafarers and shore-based staff about the risk of ship strike and ways in which companies can mitigate this devastating threat to large whales.

Marine Mammal Observer monitoring

ORCA have provided MMO support to operators during whale focussed projects, with expert observers placed on the bridge to conduct training and act as additional watchkeepers to make sure operations don't impact animals in the area.

Responsible whale watching

ORCA support companies to help them understand how they can watch wildlife responsibly, embedding best practice into their own operations and offering a framework to ensure that external operators are behaving in a responsible and ethical way.

Marine Mammal Mitigation

ORCA work with companies to help them understand the impact their operations have on whales and dolphins and help them identify paths to minimise this to help preserve populations in areas they sail.

Seafarer training

ORCA believes that one of the most effective ways we have of protecting whales and dolphins is working with seafarers to achieve meaningful change. The range of opportunities to get involved are huge. Find out more here.

Seafarer training

Corporate membership

It's difficult for businesses to know where they can make the biggest difference, which is why ORCA have developed a number of simple packages that still offer flexibility to make sure you get the most from your support. We receive no funding from government, so to ensure we can continue to be a key voice in shaping policy and advocating for cetaceans, we have to fund our work ourselves. Your contribution will allow us to play that key role, and our team will work with you to make sure we deliver a return on investment on your donation.

Find out more and join as a corporate member

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