ORCA x Clim8


We are proud to announce a brand new partnership with Clim8, which will see them supporting our work to protect whales, dolphins and porpoises.

Clim8 is the first climate-focused investment app. They offer sustainable investing through an easy-to-use smartphone app and are on a mission to challenge ESG funds (environmental, social and governance funds). This allows investors to bypass “greenwashing” and find a portfolio of companies that have a positive impact on climate change.

Clim8’s mission is to positively impact climate change by moving billions of pounds of investments into clean energy and truly green, sustainable companies. They provide a simple way to invest in a targeted portfolio of publicly listed companies that are already making an impact in tackling climate change.

As part of the new partnership, every time a Clim8 member refers a friend or family member to invest in the app, Clim8 will generously give a £40 donation to ORCA which will directly support our vital work to protect whales, dolphins and porpoises.

“Whales are one of the great unsung stories in the climate debate. One whale locks away the same amount of CO2 as thousands of trees. The potential impact of restoring their global population is the same as planting 2 billion trees.

At Clim8, we are excited to be able to play our part in supporting the whale conservation effort by partnering with ORCA. Each time our customers invite friends or family members to join the Clim8 community, we make a £40 donation to ORCA on their behalf and support the great work they do."

Duncan Grierson, CEO of Clim8

The majority of all whale, dolphin and porpoise species are considered to be data deficient and, through our vital monitoring work, we are helping to identify and establish marine protected areas for whales and dolphins. Clim8 is directly supporting ORCA’s vital work to protect these amazing animals so we can ensure our oceans are healthy. The ocean's ecosystem is critical for life on land and without a healthy ocean, we cannot combat climate change.

“ORCA are extremely proud and excited about this new partnership with Clim8. They care passionately about the environment and combating climate change and the support they are giving us will directly have a positive impact on ocean habitats around the world”

Steve Jones, Head of Partnerships at ORCA.

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