ORCA partner with BIMCO to help raise awareness of ship strike


ORCA are pleased to announce a new collaboration with BIMCO, one of the largest shipping organisations in the world, aimed at reducing ship strike of large whales.

BIMCO's 2,000 members, based in 130 countries and covering 62% of the world's shipping tonnage, will have discounted access to ORCA's innovative ship strike training via our brand new e-learning platform.

ORCA know that the only way to reduce ship strike is to raise awareness and help remove the stigma associated with reporting, and this course teaches seafarers how ship strike affects large whales and what the best practice measures are to reduce the risk of collision.

Anna Bunney, ORCA's Head of Education & Ship Strike Lead, said: “Ship strikes pose a huge threat to whales, but ship strikes are not inevitable. ORCA believes that one of the most effective ways we have of protecting whales is by working with seafarers, so we have developed this course with our shipping partners to provide practical and achievable steps to reduce collision risk. We are excited to offer our training courses to the BIMCO community to further inspire and work alongside seafarers across the globe and throughout the shipping industry to help protect whales for future generations.”

Peter Gruber, Head of Training at BIMCO, commented: “BIMCO pride ourselves on providing high quality training to our members to allow them to excel within their business activities. Where we cannot offer this training ourselves we seek to work with reputable partners to fill the gaps. Working with ORCA provides our members access to flexible and high-quality training on ship strikes- a hugely important issue which threatens the survival of a number of cetacean species all over the globe.

To find out more, visit the BIMCO website.

Being hit by ships is the single biggest threat to large whales globally and needs urgent action before vulnerable populations are wiped out. Donate today at www.orca.org.uk/donate to support our cutting edge ship strike research and help find a solution to this threat

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