Double your donation for ORCA today!



Our Green Match Fund Campaign is now live! For the next week, any donation you give will be matched up to a total of £2500, so please help provide our people the tools they need to protect whales, dolphins and porpoises.

We're helping to create safe spaces for whales and dolphins around the world. Ocean Conservationists work on cruise ships and ferries to help identify critical habitats so ORCA can drive policymakers to put protections in place, promoting the health of our seas. By identifying areas where whales and dolphins are vulnerable, we can protect these places by changing the way we use them.

We're asking you to help us provide Ocean Conservationists with equipment that will keep them safe in the field and help them monitor and collect vital data about whales and dolphins. With properly equipped teams at sea, we can monitor data-deficient areas and identify new hotspots for whales and dolphins in more remote parts of the ocean. This means we can monitor existing protected areas and help policymakers identify new areas that need to be protected to safeguard whales and dolphins.

With your donations, we can properly equip Ocean Conservationists. We can provide them with warm clothing so they can spend their time out on deck doing what they love, looking out for whales and dolphins, and educating the public. We can also buy them the equipment they need, such as binoculars and cameras, so they can efficiently collect data about the animals they see and contribute to our conservation work.

For the next week, you can double your donation with The Big Give. Anything you can give is greatly appreciated, and every small donation can really make a difference as the #GreenMatchFund will double all donations made to this project.

Our Green Match fund campaign is now live until midday on Friday 29th April. This week, all donations made via The Big Give website will be matched up to a specific amount.

Please support our work and help give our people the tools they need to protect whales, dolphins and porpoises. Every small donation can really make a big difference.

You can find out more about the campaign here.