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Protecting whales and dolphins around the world

ORCA's work increasingly takes us further afield, collecting data in all five oceans and helping to make as many places as possible safe for these amazing animals.

We monitor oceans from Antarctica to the Arctic and everywhere in between, and when we do we meet more and more people who share our vision of oceans alive with whales and dolphins.

We want to make it as easy as possible for these people to support our work, so for the first time members are able to join us from all over the world and support our mission to protect whales and dolphins across the globe.

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All of our overseas members get all the same great benefits of ORCA membership, including:

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ORCA have been protecting whales and dolphins in European waters for over 20 years, helping to monitoring vulnerable species and drive new protections to keep the oceans safer for these amazing animals.

To support ORCA in Euros, you can use the links below to head to our PayPal subscriptions and donate to our work. Once you've signed up, we will get in touch to get your membership activated so you can hear all about our work!

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Our teams are monitoring whales and dolphins across North America and beyond, identifying critical habitats and helping to keep some of the most vulnerable species on the planet safe.

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